Upwards and Onwards

What did you think was the road stop for man to explore the empty reaches of space? Faster than light travel? Interstellar navigation? Time dilation?
Puh. We beat all that by sheer force of will.
It was micrometeoroids.
Fucking space rocks.

This omnibus contains the antigravel stories:

  • Girl Gone Nova
  • A Thousand Eves
  • Where a Spaceship Goes to Die
  • Cosmophobia
  • Press Any Key to Destroy the Galaxy
  • Press Any Key to Destroy the Earth
  • Fluffy or Shiny?
  • Explosive Decompression
  • A Trillion-Dollar Rock
  • The Imiteles Space Station
  • Chucking Moon Rocks on the Back of my Pickup Truck
  • The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Galaxy
  • Technosphere
  • Simming Problem, My Ass
  • Just Take a Nap
  • Alien Animal Control
  • Hot Jupiter

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